Monday, 7 November 2016

An eventful 8 days

The more experiences a puppy gets, the more contented and socialised he becomes.

Solar has had an amazing eight days, that has seen him meet countless new friends, both 2 and 4 legged, met up with six of his sisters in a south London park, enjoyed a swim in Aquadoggies pool, puppy training, traveling by Ferry to the Isle of Wight and countless trips to the local park, visiting shops to get weighed and where ever he goes he is still welcomed by oh's and ar's.

There is no mistaking Solar is a pup who likes to be heard, he will bark at everything.

Last Sunday
was a reunion where where six of his sisters met up with their owners to spend a few hours together for a play, tea and picnic in the park, it was good to see so many healthy puppies enjoying each others company. Each one developing their own characters.

Solar was placed in a buoyancy jacket, and went for his first swim in Aquadoggies pool, I put on a wets suit and supported him, he did a lot of splashing, but by the end of his session he was getting the hang of it.

was dog training at Grazley village hall; Lots of barking, very distracted but Sue managed to get Solar focused enough to learn some important commands.

I now view from the kitchen as my presence caused too much of a distraction.

Solar went to Pets at Home to get weighed, 22.4 kgs

we had a trip to the Isle of Wight, my next blog will record our trip, it was special for a number of reasons but there is so much to say it is worthy of its own post.

Until then here are just a couple of images to whet the appetite.

Also the "Solar map" has been updated, check it out from the main menu on this blog