Sunday, 4 December 2016

26 Kg and growing

Solar now weighs 26 kilograms, and remains slim and trim.

The bout of illness seems to be in the past, although we heard this week his brother "Ash" lost nearly 5 kilo's over a two week period, as far as we know, none of his sisters were affected, so it remains no more than a coincidence.

Solar continues to do well at puppy training, where he has only one session remaining this year.
The training has helped, us o find ways of working with Solar, although he picks and chooses which commands he does follow, and sometimes at lightening speed, at other times you would not need a second hand on your stopwatch...

Solar has continued yo meet and greet many dogs in the local park, he has good social skills around other dogs, sometimes very much in their face looking for a reaction to play, being gentle to submissive dogs, and accepting when told to back off and give them some space, all with intervention from us.

Yesterday in the park he met Beau, an 11th month old German Shepherd, she was only interested in her ball, but the Weimaraner he meet at Natural Instincts wanted her own space and warned him off, he was comfortable with both.

Solar is beginning to realise that sofa's are no longer an obstacle, the ease in which he ascends them has surprised us all. It is a game at the moment, so we are trying to ignore and distract.

Our biggest challenge remains road walking and traffic; Solar wants to lunge and chase every car he sees, we are working on it, but as he is getting bigger and stronger it is becoming a harder challenge. We have decided to invest in a "Dogmatic" head collar. Which we will review in a future blog.

Watching television is now becoming a challenge, random images or sounds sends Solar charging across the room to bark at the TV, however now he is taller when he puts his paws on the screen, the television teeters on the point of falling over.

Like many German Shepherd pups, Solar likes to dig and rake, not fussy if it is in the garden or the lounge carpet, he certainly keeps you on your toes.

Solar enjoyed a runaround in the park this morning, and the hard frost meant he did not get too muddy....

Sue got Solar a new outfit for Christmas,
though I think it might not fit after he has had his lunchtime turkey.